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Cartoon Logos, Pictures and Animations for Your Business! Funny cartoon pictures, cartoon logo designs and wicked cartoon characters. Vlad (NOT Dracula) Kolarov is a cartoonist, humorous illustrator, animator, logo designer, greeting card artist, web designer and all around cartoon persona.
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My cartoons can be used (for a modest fee) in newsletters, business presentations, mailing lists, magazines, newspapers, advertising, web sites, intranets, training materials, email campaigns, greeting cards, calendars, and more!
If you can not find a specific cartoon, please contact me and I will create it for you!

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    Just a few of the things I do. Contact me and I will create the best cartoon for you!

    Cartoons, and comic art for publishing and advertising. Cartoons and illustrations for web sites and online services. Cartoons for printed newsletters and publications. Cartoons for online magazines and newspapers. Cartoons for CD-ROM publications. Cartoons for screensavers. Cartoons for fax forms. Cartoons for classes, seminars, conferences, and business presentations. Cartoons for calendars, daily planners and date books. Cartoons for advertising, packaging and promotional materials. Cartoons and illustrations for children's books, textbooks, humor books. Cartoons and illustrations for T-shirts, mugs, mouse pads and giftware. Cartoons and illustrations for posters and special projects. Cartoons, illustrations and written humor for greeting cards. Please write for more information. | Phil The Cat | | | | | | |

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